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Dear Mission Advocates:

I’m in a little jam. You see I have to take care of my brother everyday after school, and I find it hard to do my work and take care of him at the same time. How do I take care of my brother and not fail all my classes?


Babysitting Betty


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Dear Advocates (1)

Dear Advocates:

I don’t want to come to school on time, and I don’t want to come to school, but I do want my time with my mentor. What can I do to fix this problem?

— M.I.A.

Dear M.I.A,

I have some solutions for you. Your mentor wants to support you even if you are missing advisory time. You should text your mentor or give your mentor a call because your mentor can help you even if your not coming in. Do you have your mentor’s cell phone number ? Do you feel comfortable calling your mentor ? You can also find your mentor during lunch time or afterschool and check in then. Once you’ve checked in you will realize that its much better to talk to someone about it then just holding it all in.


Your Advocate

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